WD 6 TB Red NAS Hard Drive

Product Features:
There’s a leading edge WD Red™ drive for every compatible NAS system to store your precious data. With drives up to 6TB, WD Red™ offers a wide array of storage for customers looking to build a NAS solution. Built and tested for personal and home NAS systems with up to 8-bays, these drives pack all the punch you need in one powerhouse unit for storing, archiving, and sharing. With WD Red™, you’re ready for what’s next.
• Available in capacities ranging from 2-6TB with support for up to 8 bays
• 5400RPM performance class
• NASware firmware for compatibility
• NAS systems with daily workloads associated with personal and home office environments and idle time available to perform necessary background operations
• 3-year limited warranty
• Supports up to 180 TB/yr Workload Rate6


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